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Beekeeping plastic foundation sheet bee foundation plastic foundation

Product Description

In order to enable the merit of foundation obtain the full display, must have the strict request to the foundation in quality:

1.The plastic must be food grade

2.The foundation is regular hexagon and the size must be accurate,

3.Foundation is according to the specification size, the geometry angle must be neat

4.The foundation production process, specially in each working procedure's temperature control

5.Must the standard, generate the foundation luster is bright, the room bottom is transparent foundation toughness is big, is not easy to extend the distortion

Foundation of long store must be fully new

Product parameters of the plastic foundation sheet:

Why black?

Black shows more easily the white eggs and young larvae in their cells.

Why plastic?

Simply it is more durable, more efficient, and more cost effective. Frames do not blow out in the extractor.

Color: black( Apis Mellifera)
suitable for deep frame
Size: 425*212mm Weight:

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